360 Mobile Preview

Marker free

Using Linknode's advanced Augmented Reality (AR) and GIality technologies 3DTry.it requires no markers, no paper cut-out squares, codes, prints or tracker images.

Supported on multiple devices


GIality is the integration of real world orientation, location and imagery sensors with GIS and geospatial data; providing mobile augmented visualisation for phones and tablets.


In the world of 3D printing and rapid new product prototyping, 3DTry.it help enable designers, partners and their clients to collaborate and visualise on the go - helping to meet deadlines.

Try before you buy

3D viewing enables retailers to extend multichannel functionality by providing engaging visualisation for in-context previewing; increasing sales and conversion rates and driving print and digital campaigns.


Smartphone location, imaging and environmental sensors allow 3DTry.it to deliver new intuitive, engaging interactive 360 visualisation experiences on mobile devices.

Engage your customers with intuitive mobile 3D exploration